Madalena Marques (Portugal)

Os Sapatos do Sr. Luiz

Let's meet the theatre's shoes! And what about São Luiz's shoes? What stories do they have to tell us? These guided tours reveal stories about Teatro São Luiz.

14 May at 11am and 3.30pm (Sunday)
São Luiz Mais Novos

Research and concept: Madalena Marques and Susana Pires Performer and guiding: Madalena Marques Props: Ângela Rocha Commissioned by: São Luiz Teatro Municipal Technique: Objects Language: Portuguese For audiences over: +3 Running time: 60 min. 

Let's meet the theatre's shoes! Wait...who wore them? 
We're always walking in shoes, or almost always: We stroll around in them, we travel in them, we go to school in them. The only thing we don't do is sleep in them, but they're always close by.
And what about São Luiz's shoes? Where have they walked to get to where they are now? What stories do they have to tell us? With gestures, memories, objects and songs, these guided tours provide participatory, hands-on experiences, revealing stories about Teatro São Luiz and inviting kids to experience the journey through the body, the word and the imagination.

Madalena Marques was born in 1984. She is an actress, cultural mediator and reading promoter.
Her name was to be Maria Terra. Whe she was small, she liked to eat lemon and salt pebbles. Today she still likes salt pebbles, but she no longer is biting lemons.
She makes... shows, workshops, reading animations, guided tours and training. She works in cooperation with schools, libraries, associations, cultural centers, theatres and museums.
She works regularly at São Luiz, Pato Lógico, Gulbenkian, Orfeu Negro and city councils, like Barreiro, Oeiras, Cascais and Lisboa.
She already went to - do cool stuff - to Brazil, Mozambique, Colombia, Italy, Spain, France and Belgium.
She co-created with her partners the newborn Casa Invisível. No wonder if you have not seen her, but if you meet her, attention, it may be an optical illusion.